Recently Diagnosed
With your diagnosis, you may be overwhelmed by emotions. Now is the time to ask for help and gather the support you need from your family, friends and health care support team. The journey may be easier to go through with the company of your loved ones and those who care about your well-being.

In this section, you’ll learn that there are many different types of breast cancer, various ways of diagnosing and categorizing your cancer, as well as some ways you can prepare for treatment.
About Breast Cancer

Learning about breast cancer starts with the basics. Let’s look at what it means to have a breast cancer diagnosis and explore the different grades, stages and types of breast cancer. You’ll also find information about tests and the treatment options currently available.

Throughout your experience, the information on this website will encourage you to ask questions about your diagnosis and the medical treatment you’ll be receiving, and the best way to start is by knowing what’s out there. Your health care team is here to help you – so don’t be afraid to tell them how you’re feeling.

About Breast Cancer
Preparing For Treatment

Once you have a full picture of your diagnosis, you will talk to your doctor about treatment options. These options may include surgery or perhaps treatment given before or after surgery. Take the time you need to fully consider your options so that you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions.

Here, we’ll answer some of your questions about getting ready for treatment and how different treatments may make you feel. Remember, you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your health care team any time you have questions or just want to talk.

Preparing For Treatment
Tests and Examinations

Your breast cancer diagnosis likely started by doing some medical tests. And now your life may be filled with a flurry of waiting rooms, medical gowns and more tests. What are all these tests for? How will they help you? These tests will have an important impact on the way your breast cancer is treated.

Learn more about some of the important tests that are used to diagnose breast cancer in this section.