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Whether or not you’re in treatment, there are many reasons for you to stay active. Exercise and stretching can help improve your mood, improve your sleep, boost your self-esteem and reduce feelings of fatigue and stress. For some patients, exercise and stretching may also be recommended to help with motion in joints and muscle to maintain mobility.

As part of your physical activity plan, it’s important to include an aerobic exercise (i.e., walking, running, cycling, etc.), strength training and stretching. Talk to your doctor or health care team about the best exercise and stretching routine for you.

Tips to help you to stay active:

  • Set short-term and long-term goals for yourself.

  • Stretch throughout the day to help you relieve tension.

  • Take the stairs and avoid the elevator whenever you can.

  • Take short or long walks on your free time.

  • Post-operatively, stretching the arms, shoulders, back and chest are very important for physical recovery. Specific stretches that are safe can help you regain your full mobility and prevent a frozen shoulder.

  • Follow the activity and movement guidelines of you plastic surgeon which can be different from the directions given with a lumpectomy or mastectomy.