In Treatment
It’s true that every woman’s experience with breast cancer is her own – no two cases are the same. Your own experience will be different, depending on where you’re treated, what treatments you get and your body’s own responses to treatment.

Here, you’ll learn about what to expect when you’re in treatment. We’ll look at some common side effects and how to manage them, some of the tests that will monitor your health, and other things that may be happening in your body as a result of treatment and how to cope.
Managing Side Effects

Depending on the type of treatment you’re getting, the side effects can vary. And two people receiving the same treatment may have very different experiences with them. You may be wondering if you’ll feel sick or be exhausted, and you may have heard that you’ll have irregular periods or be constipated. What about your hair and your sex life? Knowing this information ahead of time will help you understand more about your treatment and prepare you for the process.

Let’s explore some of the side effects that you might experience while you’re on treatment and what you can do to help manage them. 

Tests & Examinations

While you’re being treated for breast cancer, you will have ongoing tests to monitor your health and response to your treatment. In this section, you’ll learn more about what these tests and exams are and why they are important.

Complementary Care

While the treatments prescribed by your health care team treat your breast cancer directly, there are other therapies that can give you comfort and relief. Let’s explore some options in this section.