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Having a second opinion (another doctor’s point of view) may help you feel more confident with your diagnosis or treatment decision. If you find it hard to tell your doctor that you’d like another opinion, keep in mind that most doctors are comfortable with this and can even help give you a referral. Be honest with your doctor and tell them what you’re looking for. 

Ask your doctor to suggest other doctors that you could consult and then get a referral. Remember to ask for a copy of your medical records, test results and biopsy results to share with the other physician. Your doctor is part of your health care team and he or she contributes to your overall care.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn and to ask.

Women with early stage breast cancer may feel less inclined to get a second opinion about their diagnosis or treatment options available.

You may even feel a sense of urgency to start treatment and not ask too many questions for fear that it will take up too much time. Note that in most cases there is time to do some research to ensure you are comfortable with the diagnosis given and the treatment plan that you have been recommended.